Pushing Pastors To Lead to the Next Level

How it Started...

Nexgen is a nonprofit organization that pushes pastors to lead to the next level. Nexgen started with a prayer fellowship by three pastors (Sam, Hyo, and Al).  They felt troubled and burdened by the state of 2nd generation Asian-American churches and by the shortage and exodus of 2nd generation pastors, particularly in the Greater Los Angeles and Orange County areas. They created this organization to be a resource, support and a place of hope for all pastors. Now, Nexgen continues to live out the mission and value by creating inspiring and uplifting content for all pastors in their church context. 

Leadership Core:

Hyo Kim, "The Operation Master." Pastor at YNCC

Eddie Park, "The Professor." Eddie is a Teaching Pastor at EV Free Fullerton.

Steve Yu, "The Strategist." Steve is the Small Groups Pastor at Saddleback Church.

Sam Yoon, "Content Provider." Sam is an Adult Pastor at Saddleback Church.