Why Every Pastor Should Have a Blog

There are so many different and great blogs on leadership, theology and the Bible. Why should every pastor have a blog (or podcast) in an already crowded space?

Here are my 4 reasons and how to help you get started:

1) Makes you a better communicator. It’s easier to think it rather than to write it. That’s why most pastors don’t write out their sermons. But if you do write it out, it helps you to unpack your thoughts better. You spend more time thinking through the content, structure and word choice. This creates a clearer and more powerful message. Writing a blog post will only sharpen your communication skills. This will ultimately help your audience learn and grow. 

2) It lasts forever. Your blogs will outlast you. And this is a good thing because it helps your audience to remember what you said on Sunday. It also gives more tools for them to apply your message on Monday. They can always go back and use it as a reference whenever they need it.

3) Helps More People. Your blog will not only bless your local church, but it’ll also benefit the global community. We are in the digital age and people are hungry for good content.  Your blogs have the opportunity to help people you have never met around the world.

4) Mentors the Next Generation. Your blogs can be a tool and resource to mentor and train other pastors and leaders locally and globally. This is a great option to discuss during your internship or mentorship meetings. Pastor’s schedules are busy and may be unavailable to mentor leaders on a one to one basis. But you can mentor them a distance by having them read your thoughts on leadership or theology. 

Hopefully you see the benefit of a blog. You may feel overwhelmed with how and where to start. Listen to Michael Hyatt, world class blogger, and his tips on starting a blog. I wish I had started with his stuff 3 years ago when I started. It would have saved me more time. 

How To Start a Blog

How to Blog for Beginners

Sam Yoon is an Adult Pastor at Saddleback Church Newport Mesa. Sam has over 11 years experience in ministry and love helping pastors and church leaders flourish.