How to Tell Powerful Stories: Part III


This is part 3 of a series of posts I’m writing on How to Tell Powerful Stories. If you haven’t read the first two you can click here: part 1 & part 2. (they take 2 min each to read)
Stories shape how others view you
Stories are tools of power
Stories persuade
and signature stories can start movements.

Stories increase influence — especially those where an ordinary person faces extraordinary odds to achieve remarkable results.

But how do you craft THE STORY that displays your organization’s excellence, innovation and intimacy with your clients?

With the Signature Story.

The signature story is an intriguing, authentic and involving story with a strategic message that drives growth by enhancing the brand, organization and/or business strategy.

A Case Study: The Happiness Machine (Coca-Cola)

In 2009, the Coca-cola company faced a great challenge: The world realized coke is just sugar water.

A famous photo from

A famous photo from

Remember when every child’s school science project looked like this?

Coca-Cola became public enemy #1 in the battle against child obesity and diabetes.

The beloved Santa Claus endorsed soft drink faced incredible adversity in maintaining brand equity with the younger millennial. generation.

So how did they change their negative image?

They told a story, an intriguing, authentic, and involving story. This became their signature story. Watch “The Happiness Machine”


Key Takeaways

  • Intriguing: The campaign was interesting and surprising.

  • Authentic: The video was low production and a real event.

  • Involving: The user was the hero, not a company mascot or athlete.


  • After 10 days, the video was viewed 2.2 million times with over 50% of the views outside the U.S.

  • Currently, this story has been watched over 7.5 million times.

You can read the case study here by Stanford GSB.


  • Harness the power of digital social media.

  • Plan the UX with the mobile device in mind (blog, video, website).

  • Experiment storytelling especially on snapchat.

The signature story is one that compels your team, your company/organization, and your followers to want to share it with others. These are the stories that embody the vision and mission of the leader/org.

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Eddie Park is a teaching pastor, writer, and church consultant. Before becoming a pastor, he worked in the corporate world as an analyst for companies such as Merrill Lynch, Yahoo, and Hulu. Currently, he serves as pastor of teaching and discipleship at EvFree Fullerton in California. He is host of two podcasts, Nexgen Leadership Podcast and the #AskEddieP show. Eddie is a graduate of UCLA, Biola, Stanford GSB, and is currently pursuing his Doctor of Ministry at George Fox University in Semiotics and Future Studies. 

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