NexGen Pastors Fellowship began as a prayer of three 2nd generation pastors, Sam, Hyo, and Al.  They all felt troubled and burdened by the state of 2nd generation Asian-American churches and by the shortage and exodus of 2nd generation pastors, particularly in the Greater Los Angeles and Orange County areas.  After years of feeling helpless and frustrated with the dire situation of the Asian-American church, God brought these three men together to form NexGen Pastors Fellowship in 2011.  What began as a simple prayer, worship, and fellowship gathering of a dozen pastors turned into something much bigger and completely unexpected. Now, the NexGen Pastors Fellowship network expands to hundreds of pastors in the SoCal area and continues to grow.  But at its core NexGen still strives to build relationships among 2nd generation pastors for the purpose of fellowship, support, and camaraderie and to assist next generation pastors impact their communities.