How to Start a Podcast and Dream Big! (Anthony Jang)

Have you ever wanted to start a podcast? What's holding you back? Anthony Jang (Pastoral Intern at EvFree Fullerton) talks about how his dream is to start his own podcast about how to share unconditional love 100% fully! In this exciting episode, Eddie and Anthony have a open and honest conversation about why Anthony wants to start a podcast and what's been holding him back (i.e. fear, judgement, lack of confidence). Anthony makes powerful declaration towards the end and dreams big! Enjoy this special episode of the podcast!

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LP27: Breaking Free From Shame (Eddie Park and Hyo Kim)

Have you ever felt shame? There are so many misconceptions and myths about shame. Eddie Park (Teaching Pastor at EV Free Fullerton) and Hyo Kim (Executive Pastor at YNCC) unpack the power of shame and how to start to experience freedom. They co-authored a book to help others experience that same level of freedom. They offer some of the principles from the book so that you can start this journey.

LP26: A Church Today for the Future (Dave Gibbons)

Have you ever wondered if there's something missing at church? Dave GIbbons, Chief Visionary and founding pastor of Newsong Church and founder of Xealots, shares a paradigm shift in church strategy from his book Small Cloud RisingThis has been based on what he's learned from planting Newsong Church. He also gives his thoughts on how the church should think and do church differently especially with people. Listen to Dave give his thoughts on pastors and church planting. 

LP25: The Journey of Planting a Church in a Diverse Urban City (Drew Hyun)

Have you ever been in transition and wrestled with God's direction in your life?  Drew Hyun, Founding Pastor of Hope Church NYC, shares about the  journey of leaving one church and finding God's direction for planting God's church in New York City. Drew is open about the pain and struggles that he experienced during that transition. Listen to how he hears God's voice and births something he never thought he would ever do. It's a beautiful story of blessings that come from faith. 

LP24: How to Reach Students on Campus with FCA (Jared Hall)

What if you could come on high school campuses and meet and reach thousands of students? Jared Hall, Central Orange County Area Director for FCA), does just that. He oversees thousands of schools that have FCAs  (Fellowship of Chrisitan Athletes) in Orange County. He was the Area Director for Irvine for 9 years. He would go to campus weekly and have access to over 14,000 students. He's seen over 1000 students accept Christ through this Christian club. Listen to Jared's heart for students and how churches can partner with FCA to meet and connect with students who are hungry for Jesus.  He loves to connect and work with local pastors and to do the ministry together. 

LP23: How to be a Better Preacher (Eddie Park)

Ever wonder how to prepare a message for Sunday?  Eddie Park, Teaching Pastor at EV Free Fullerton, shares how he prepares his messages for the weekends. He speaks to thousands of people on a regular basis and offers great insights and tips on how to be a better speaker and teacher. Eddie writes regularly about how to better communicate and express yourself.

LP22: Paid Internships through Biola Youth Ministry Outreach (Mike Devito)

Ever felt lost trying to find an internship especially in youth ministry? Ever wanted to find an internship that pays? Mike Devito, Ministry Outreach Coordinator for Biola's Youth Ministry Outreach, has a passion for youth ministry pastors and students. His heart is to mentor and assist students at Biola University to succeed in their calling and passion in youth ministry. They provide paid internships and give you guidance during that internship process. He's been in youth ministry for over 18 years and has a lot of wisdom. 

LP21: Developing Spiritual Leadership (Rob Jacobs)

Do you have an intentional spiritual leadership plan? Listen to Rob Jacobs (Spiritual Maturity Pastor at Saddleback Church) share his thoughts and philosophy on leadership. He shares his foundational concepts of leadership as well as tips on how to improve your spiritual leadership today. Rob has extensive leadership experience not only in the church world but also in teaching world and in the marine corp. 

LP20: Building Healthy Marriages (Julie Chung)

How do you build healthy marriages especially when you are in ministry? Listen to Julie Chung (Work Small Groups Minister at Saddleback Church) share about how you can have a thriving marriage. She offers tips and ideas on the little things you can do today to have a better marriage. She shares lessons she's learned from her own marriage as well as the work she's done in building stronger marriages. 

LP19: How Download Youth Ministry Can Help Your Youth Ministry (Josh Griffin)

Feel like you don't have enough hours in the day to do everything for your youth ministry? Josh Griffin (Co-Founder with Doug Fields of Download Youth Ministry) shares how Download Youth Ministry (DYM) can save youth pastors time and energy. DYM offers great games, graphics, sermons, curriculums and other resources that will help make your youth ministry more fun and focused. Josh's heart is to help all youth pastors have more time for students and relationships. Check them out for your youth ministry. 

LP18: What is Asian American Ministry look like at InterVarsity (Joe Ho)

What does it mean to do Asian American Ministry? Joe Ho (National Director of InterVarsity's Asian American Ministry) has over 20 years of working with Asian Americans. He shares his own personal journey of starting a chapter at Duke University and what his goal is as the National Director for Asian American ministry. He also offers some challenges and tips on how churches and pastors can better engage and work with Asian Americans. 

LP17: Church Planting with Mission OC (Chris Lagerlof)

Want to plant a church in Orange County, California? Have an organization and supporter to help you? Listen to Chris Lagerlof, Executive Catalyst of Mission Orange County, share about how Mission OC prepares pastors and leaders for church planting. They do a thorough assessment into you and your leadership, emotional health and relationship with spouse. This is so that you can be best prepared for what God has for you in store. Chris has tremendous amount of experience and a desire to help church planters.

LP16: How To Coach (Sabastian Huynh)

Ever wonder what the difference between coaching and mentoring? Listen to Sabastian Hyunh, former pastor at Newsong and former gang member, share about his new book: Rich Coach, Poor Coach: How to be a 6 Figure Coach AND have time to travel, enjoy your family and love your life. Sabastian shares the principles he's learned on coaching and how it's made a difference both in his life and for those that he coaches. You'll learn how you can better coach and help others as well as what not to do. 

LP14: How to Find Purpose in Transition (Danny Kim)

Danny Kim (author, speaker and coach) shares the insights and lessons he's learned during his time of transition. He's learned to embrace and celebrate the time of transition. He shares his thoughts from his book Influx. He makes the argument that people can find their purpose in their transition. This book and podcast will help you during this in  between state. 

LP13: How to Plan Your Next Event Well (Angela Yee)

Angela Yee, Director of Mission and Ministry at Saddleback Church Irvine South, shares how to help you plan events from her book, Christian Conference & Event Planner. She has so much experience planning events and conferences for all types of audiences ranging from hundreds of people to 13,000 people. She unpacks the principles of planning events. Also, she offers ways to think through event planning and tips on how your next event can run well and effectively. 

LP12: How to Plant Missional Churches (Daniel Im)

Daniel Im, Director of Church Mulitplication for New Churches and LifeWay Christian Resources, shares the heart and story behind his book (Planting Missional Churches) that he co-wrote with Ed Stetzer. Listen and learn how your church can be missional and reach more people in your community. Daniel also gives his thoughts on leadership development and spiritual leadership in the Asian American church.

LP11: Women in Leadership and Hmong People Group

Alice Atkins (Associate Director of Asian American at InterVarsity), Kathy Mou (IV Campus Staffer) and La Thao (IV Campus Staffer) share their story of leadership from a woman's perspective. They give insights on how to engage and support women in leadership especially in a ministry setting. They also have a huge heart for the Hmong People. You'll learn more about this people group and how to better engage and love them.

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LP09: Find a Mentor (Ben Shin)

Looking for a mentor? Not sure what to look for or how to mentor others? Professor/ Pastor Ben Shin has mentored hundreds of students, pastors and leaders. He offers insights and tips on what to look for in a mentor and how to find a mentor.